Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur

Japan's economy has continued to grow by producing things en masse. However, mass production is considered to be the biggest hotbed of mass waste, and can now be said to be passé.
Because of the current situation, we believe that the proverb
"Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur" should be considered for everything that is manufactured.
Everything behind "Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur" is the "human power" that people possess.
That's why we, in order to continue manufacturing attractive products, have also begun to develop attractive human resources.
We can respond immediately to changes in the times, because the steadfast technology, which has been passed down from generation to generation since our foundation 67 years ago, is firmly rooted in our staff.
In the future, we promise to continue manufacturing things with the mantra of "Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur" in mind, and to deliver happiness to you, making full use of this "human power".


President Shogo AokiOur company was founded in 1947.
Since then we have continued to manufacture various chairs including office swivel chairs, conference chairs, folding chairs, work chairs, medical chairs, etc., under the brand "Noritz Chairs".
Manufacturing chairs involves many staff, a lot of time, and large spaces. It is essential to develop a mechanism which supports complex movements in order to ensure comfort, comparative studies of materials are necessary for an elegant finish, and attention to recycling is needed when considering the environment. Since our founding, we have overcome various challenges step by step.
Following customers’ needs and applying our knowhow and technologies, we began to produce various equipment, such as partitions, partition belts, brochure stands etc.
Recently, we have developed and delivered original order-made chairs, such as advanced chairs with a built-in game machine coupled integrated with a complicated large-sized computer screen, as well as chairs designed for amusement centers, in accordance with the clients' needs.
We strive to have an attentive and flexible factory with a high rate of in-house production. We try to respond to a wide range of requests, from single items to large quantities, with fast delivery.
In addition, taking advantage of our in-house factory, we aim to provide reliable and useful aftercare service, such as product repair and supply of parts after delivery.
From our long experience, our corporate attitude is to positively challenge, taking advantage of new surroundings and enriching our product line item by item.
We deliver our products to various destinations, from offices to public facilities, schools, hospitals, factories and kitchens. We aim at becoming a manufacturing plant that meets changes in the times, carries out research and development using sound communication and networking, and manufactures better things every day.

President Shogo Aoki